January 27, 2019

Are you properly caring for your extensions?

So you check the mail, and ahhhhhh (insert bright light here) your new extensions have arrived. Whats next? As a beauty professional for over 15 years, it still amazes me that my clients cant properly maintain their hair extensions. I pump so much knowledge during our hair sessions, only to fall upon dead ears. It could be that my teachings are misunderstood,  plain old laziness on their behalf, or perhaps my love of hair just doesn’t translate as well as I think it does. Whatever the case may be, here’s a small list of jewels I like to give my clients in order to help keep their extensions long lasting.

Social Media Is My Stylist..

  •  First thing first, find a trustworthy hair stylist. Always allow a beauty professional to color, deep condition, or complete any professional chemical services to your extensions. I know this day in age everyone looks to the internet/social media for instructions, but believe me when I say, we are licensed professionals for a reason. Not saying all licensed stylist are worthy, but use your stupendous internet/social media browsing skills to find one that is.

Washed Out?

  • Secondly, this is more of a personal opinion. Don’t over wash your extensions. I advise my clients to thoroughly wash their extensions once a month, followed up by a professional deep conditioning treatment. “But I work out everyday”, “But I sweat a lot”, “But my hair smells easily”. Here’s the thing, a thorough wash consists of two really good shampoo’s and a really good deep conditioning. In between I advise my clients to do conditioner washes, which is merely washing your hair with conditioner only. Shampooing extensions too often will strip the hairs of its moisturizing properties and cause the extensions to become damaged, leading up to that dry tumble weed that forms in the nape area. One last tip, when washing your extensions, stay away from heat as much as possible, allow your hair to air dry. Want curls? Use curling rods, not only will you protect the integrity of your hair, but your curls will last longer.

Stay Hydrated

  • Thirdly, invest in a good leave in conditioner. Leave in is the most underrated component of hair care, in my opinion. That’s where you receive your abundance of moisture, it detangles knotted hair, protects from heat and environmental damage, lastly, its responsible for the shine and reduction of frizz in your hair. I must own a hundred different leave ins, because I prefer different products for certain hair types, and I’ll be the first professional stylist to admit that some of the best are sold right in your local corner store. Leave in conditioner works best when its applied after a wash and not rinsed out until the next wash (hence the term”leave in”, I must add that I’ve had clients that asks are they suppose to wash it out)

Wrap Me With Love

  • Lastly, but oh so common knowledge, simply wrap your extensions with satin material when sleeping. No one knows the journey our dreams will take us on, so always be prepared for any kind of ride by keeping your hair in tact with some form of satin (bonnet, scarf, pillow case, etc.) Braiding or twisting wavy/curly hair helps also. When my wigs are placed on my mannequin heads at night, I follow by placing a bonnet on them, we must protect our locks at all cost. When you order from BLH we provide our customers with a satin bag, so upon removing your extension you’ll have proper storage until the next use.

There’s so much more I can say about this topic, either I can’t think of it all right now, or there’s not enough time in a day to list it all, but if you take in consideration these simple pointers your already ahead of the game. If there’s any professionals that disagree or agree, hop in the comment section and let me know your logic. If anyone have any questions, feel free to post them, lets build a community that helps each other,  Until next time my beauties *kiss*kiss*


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